Management Development Programme(MDP)

WANTED: Managerial Talent!!

For the business to be more competitive and successful, competent managers are essential - because they are the key to implement the company’s vison, mission, policy, and strategies.

Especially for foreign companies, local managers are indispensable for pushing forward with “localisation”;
make the company operate autonomously by local talents without depending on expatriates.

The major challenge is, however, how to secure managers who are truly good at management, or who are capable of run the business.
- That never be easy.

    Have you ever seen managers who:

  • Hang on to their tasks instead of taking care of their members?
  • React to what happened and what is told, instead of actively coming up with the plan and taking action?
  • Became a dictator, a micromanager, or other way around - a totally indifferent manager?
  • Blame on other divisions instead of cooperating to maximize the company’s performance?

Even if there are some good ones, developing successor wouldn’t be easy –companies often face the shortage of those talents.

And that's where we come in.

The Concept of MDP

Management Development Programme (MDP) is an innovative programme that makes a substantial change in the mindset and management skills of participants.

The term "Management" sounds quite ambiguous. We stripped off those ambiguities by breaking down "what it takes for management" into the small pieces of skills. Participants will learn those essential skills one at a time so that they can truly master those skills.

And yet we start from learning appropriate "mindset" for being a manager, which is more crucial than any skills.

Participants will discuss, apply, get feedback, go through trials and errors, rather than sit down and listen alone. These are three elements of what makes our programme special:

Practice makes perfect

Participants think and plan by themselves and immediately apply skills in their own workplace


To make changes happen, the course will take months instead of just a few days

Change entire layer

Train managers / future managers at the same time - Changes happen simultaneously throughout the organisation

In MDP, the facilitator visits your company to run a session. We also have an on-line version of MDP for clients' convenience, which is designed to get as good results as a face-to-face version.

MDP makes your company a better place, and having management skills certainly opens up a better career path.

You can get more details about MDP by contact us form here. If you have specific requests, please feel free to write them down.